I’m seeing all this ship-war stuff on my dash, and for some reason felt the need to chime in, despite not being active in the fandom for over a year. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt obligated to crusade on Mai’s behalf, but damn. I just read those couple of posts apparently calling you out for hate, when all Zutarians do are talk about how stupid Mai/Aang/Maiko/Kataang are, and then blow rainbows and unicorns up their own butts because they’re convinced that Zutara would be the most epic love of all time with the bonus of great sex. Sucks for them that Mai’s the only one getting Zuko’s d, huh.

Kataang is a quiet kind of love, that’s beautiful and sweet and poignant and rooted in deep respect and caring for the other person. Aang often helped Katara when she was facing moral complications, and Katara did the same for Aang. They helped each other through various miseries, and fought at each others’ sides. I think that says a lot about what kind of relationship they have. Then we have Katara and Zuko, who, for the most part, result in negativity or negative experiences when they’re together. Zuko attacks her and her friends (and Katara is nothing if not loyal to the people she cares about) from the get-go, betrays her overly-compassionate nature (AND THAT’S WHAT THE SCENE IN THE CAVE WAS: COMPASSION) and then, once they’re friends, he urges her to seek revenge as he wasted years of his life doing. Zuko taking the bolt of lightning for her in the finale was not a declaration of love, it was a declaration of the kind of man Zuko would from then on be; it was a final assertion of his loyalties, to Aang, Katara, and to peace.

Then we have Mai and Zuko, which was my avatar otp. They’ve had crushes on each other since they were young, it wasn’t some sudden thing to conveniently shove Zuko with a love interest because Katara was taken. Mai is a fucking amazing character, and I hate when people see her in a negative light just because she isn’t crying every episode or preaching about peace and love. She hides herself from everyone around her, even her friends, because she’s been conditioned to be not only private, but insecure about her own feelings— she’s had to justify and hide her emotions her entire life, and she uses walls of apathy and sarcasm as a means of doing so. With Zuko, she breaks free of those walls bit by bit, and Zuko in turn is less angry, less rash. Her calm tempers his fire. She’s sharp, she’s dangerous, but she sees things with a clarity, thanks to her detachment, and as such she’s an asset to Zuko, who often sees things through a haze of emotion. As explained in The Beach, they balance each other out, and they love each other deeply. You’d think people would realize how much it hurt Zuko to leave Mai behind, that she was literally the only thing keeping him tethered to the Fire Nation a that point. Mai understood what he had to do and the choices he’d made, and because of that she made her own choice to stand with him, and took on fucking AZULA, the queen of crazy and most powerful firebender since Ozai. Their romance didn’t get the dedication it deserved because Bryke was all over Kataang, but Avatar wasn’t really Mai’s story, or Zuko’s. They were subplots, realistic tie-ins. The real love story was that of Aang and Katara, and any idiot with a brain should be able to see that. /end rant

(Sorry, I don’t even know why I’m sending this to you. I just know that I’m so irrationally upset because damn, irrational Zutarians have a way of getting under my skin. If they didn’t fucking insult canon or Aang or Mai at every turn as justification, maybe people would take them more seriously.) — themightierthor

Thank you. I had to publish this ask cause it perfectly sums up everything. I feel like it’s strange that a fandom based so heavily in hate, towards the characters and the show’s creators to the point where they have entire communities dedicated to how much they hate them, is suddenly so offended that other people are finally kind of sick of their antics after SEVEN years of dealing with this bullshit. 

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